Industrial Wipes

Industrial Wipes
Product Details


Material:Woodpulp and Polyester&Polypropylene

Weight: 40 to 80 g/m2

Package: 600sheets per roll,1rolls per bag.


Industrial Wipe is made in a hydroentangling process with wood pulp and polyester. The product uses a special hydroentangled composite process. The special three-dimensional texture of the product makes the product have a softer texture, better liquid absorption and decontamination and dust-removing ability. It is suitable for clean processing such as machining, mechanical maintenance and car maintenance.It is ideal for repeated-use, heavy-duty industrial and institutional cleaning applications.

Product Features:

●Unique texture, three-dimensional texture

●The structure is dense and the fiber is not easy to fall off

●The texture is soft, no scratches when wiping, no damage to the surface of the object being rubbed

●Super liquid absorption capacity

●Chemical resistant solvent

● Breaking strength, economical and efficient