Multipurpose Wipes

Multipurpose Wipes
Product Details


Material:Viscose and Polyester

Weight: 35 to 80 g/m2

Package: 50sheets per roll,12rolls per box


This multipurpose wipe is widely used in hospitality, household, industrial, healthcare, aged and child care.

High absorbing material makes this a superior performance wipe.

Performance characteristics

1. Dust-free, no fiber shedding during use, no lint formation, and ensure the quality of wiping;

2. Even into the net, with excellent vertical and horizontal tension

3. The material is soft, does not cause any scratches on the surface of the cleaning object, and does not damage the surface of the object;

4. Super absorbent capacity, more than four times faster than ordinary cotton rags;

5. Efficient removal of water stains and oil removal capacity;

6. Excellent resistance to dissolution;

7. No static electricity is produced;

Products are widely used in the following categories:

1. PVC/PU synthetic leather base fabric, shoe leather inner lining cloth, artificial leather base fabric, flocking base fabric, filter material, garment lining cloth, etc.

2. Medical gauze, surgical gowns, masks, ointments and other disposable medical materials.

3. Superabsorbent rags, wipes, wet wipes, protective clothing fabrics, beauty facial tissues and other disposable hygiene products. Fourth, electrostatic dust mites, compressed towels, towel rolls, mops and other travel hygiene products.