Household Use Super Absorbent Wipes

Household Use Super Absorbent Wipes
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Product Description

The Household Use Super Absorbent Wipes is made from Viscose and Polyester .The wipe material is widely used in floor, instruments, furniture,window and glass cleaning. It boasts the advantages of Eco-friendly,recyclable and durable as well as spunlace characteristics of softness. It can be widely used in the cleaning of glass, home appliances (television, computer, etc.) screen, furniture, floor and so on.


Product Name:Household Use Super Absorbent Wipes
Size:60*60cmPort of export:Ningbo or Shanghai Port
Material:Viscose and PolyesterPayment Terms:T/T,L/C,D/P
Weight: 35 to 80 g/m2Production Ability: 25containers per month.
Color:Blue,green,orange,red,whiteApplication: Kitchen
Country of origin:ChinaFeature: Eco-Friendly

Product Features

1.Various color options: The color of Household Use Super Absorbent Wipes is complete, including pink, orange, light blue, light purple, rose red, dark blue, dark green, white and so on.

2.Strong and Durable: No wadding, no water mark, no scratch on the surface. It has higher durability than any other ordinary sponge cloth.

3.Soft and Supple:Material soft, clean material surface dose not produce any scratches, and is no damage to the object surface.

4.Highly Absorbent: The Powerful suction capability of our Household Use Super Absorbent Wipes is much faster than ordinary cotton cloth.

5.Silicone Free: It adopts high-quality and natural, and it is harmless and safe for pets. It is also skin-friendly for the human.

6. Easy and Comfortable to use: The dry and wet use are good and easy to remove oil stains, water stains and dust, leaving no trace.