Dishes Cleaning Sponge Scrubber

Dishes Cleaning Sponge Scrubber
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Product Description

The Dishes Cleaning Sponge Scrubber is a good cleaning helper in cleaning. Usually It is used for cleaning the dirt and filth or food remain from dishes and bowls or other kitchen utensils. The scouring pad poses no harm to human skin and can be used for many times in cleaning until it is worn out by filth or heavy oil. Please remember to squeeze the water out .

The Advantages of the Dishes Cleaning Sponge Scrubber

Highly water-absorbent wipes are ideal for cleaning greases, oils and heavy dirt.

Strong strength and tear resistance; even on the roughest surface, it will not fall off or break when wet.

Durable and reusable; just rinse and reuse.

No adhesive or glue, no residue cleaning; suitable for surfaces that use solvents or clean metal shavings and rough surfaces.