Rayon Polyester Wipes

Rayon Polyester Wipes
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Product Name:Rayon Polyester Wipes


Material:Viscose and Polyester

Weight: 35 to 80 g/m2

Package: 50sheets per bag,24bags per box


Country of origin:China

Delivery time: Within 25 days

Production Ability: 150 containers per month

Port of export:Ningbo or Shanghai Port

Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,D/P


With the advantages of excellent water absorption and no chip off the good properties, good solvent resistance and no viscosity agent, the Rayon Polyester Wipes is a good cleaning tool for both home and industry uses.

It is a non-woven product made of 100% Viscose and Polyester fiber. It has extra strong tension and fluid absorption function. This Rayon Polyester Wipes is an ideal choice for general cleaning purposes.Its ion content and the total amount of nonvolatile residue remain low.


• This Rayon Polyester Wipes is made by 50% Rayon / 50% Polyester.
• No binders or other chemical additives.
• Smooth and soft with high strength and durability.
• Highly absorbent core due to inner layer of cellulose.
• Chemically compatible with common cleaning and disinfecting solutions.
• Low linting and abrasion resistant.