Non Woven Cleansing Cloths

Non Woven Cleansing Cloths
Product Details


Product Name:Non Woven Cleansing Cloths


Material:Rayon and Polyester

Weight: 35 to 80 g/m2

Package: 50sheets per bag,12rolls per carton..


Country of origin:China

Delivery time: Within 25 days

Production Ability: 150 containers per month

Port of export:Ningbo or Shanghai Port

Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,D/P


Combined with efficient absorption, cleaning, polishing in one multi-function, our Non Woven Cleansing Cloths can be wet and dry dual-use. Low dust removal rate reduces the risk of operation pollution. It can effectively remove all kinds of impurities on the surface of the object. Machine washable up to 300 times for your cost control.

This multi-purpose, general cleaning wipe is widely used in hospitality, household, industrial, healthcare, aged and child care. Excellent water-absorbent, also works very well with grease and dust, furthermore, it is anti-bacterial and very suitable for kitchen cleaning.


-Strong water&oil absorption: The Non Woven Cleansing Cloths product has strong water absorption and is 1.5 times of pure cotton products. It is free from static electricity, easy to dry and wash. No oil, dirt, sweat or any oil (including machine oil and shoe oil), no washing articles are needed.

-Excellent cleaning performance: In terms of use, its performance advantages bring about a variety of USES. It is used at kitchen, household, home appliance, car, guesthouse, bathroom, hairdressing discharge makeup to wait extensively, have the market potential of immeasurable.

-Safe and environment protection: This Non Woven Cleansing Cloths product is made of Rayon and Polyester, which is green and environmental protection. Washing POTS and pans without chemical pollution, more health and environmental protection.


Highly contaminated equipment and parts to wipe;

Surface treatment with solvent;

Wipe metal debris;

Leaning of rough surfaces;

Maintenance of production line equipment;

User's own cleanliness.