Needle Punched Nonwoven Wipes

Needle Punched Nonwoven Wipes
Product Details

Basic Info

Product Name:Needle Punched Nonwoven Wipes


Material:Viscose and Polyester&Polypropylene

Weight: 90 to 300 g/m2

Package: 30sheets per roll,12rolls per box


Country of origin:China

Delivery time: Within 25 days

Production Ability: 150 containers per month

Port of export:Ningbo or Shanghai Port

Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,D/P



Wipes are essential cleaning materials in industrial production and People's Daily life. With the rapid development of non-woven cloth industry in China, our Needle Punched Nonwoven Wipes occupy the main market for its high yield and low cost.

It is a new generation of environmental protection materials, with strong, breathable waterproof, environmental protection, flexible, non-toxic and odorless, and cheap price and other advantages.


-Light weight: polypropylene resin as the main raw material, proportion of only 0.9, only three fifths of cotton, with fluffy, feel good.

-Good quality: Water pulling, breathable, polypropylene slice does not absorb water, water content zero, the finished product is good water pulling. It has good air permeability, which is easy to keep the cloth dry and easy to wash.

-Antibacterial: Antibacterial properties help inhibit the growth of germs and odours in the wipe, which is ideal for wet or dry use and machine washable.

-Color options: Colour coded to help avoid cross contamination between different work areas.

-Environmental protection: In terms of environmental protection, the raw material of most non-woven fabrics used is polypropylene.