Woodpulp Wipes Is Not You Want To Use, Would Like To Be Able To Use!

Woodpulp Wipes is not you want to use, would like to be able to use!
In the hot summer months, Woodpulp Wipes are essential cleaning care products. Newborn baby skin delicate, after use in the urine of the skin care for the baby pulp wipes is the most gentle and effective way to clean. But recently reported that many wet towels containing propylene glycol and other ingredients will affect the health of the baby.
1, pay attention to see the composition of Woodpulp Wipes
Do not pay attention to the purchase of Woodpulp Wipes nonwovens, water and additives are in line with the requirements. Do not use Woodpulp Wipes with the following ingredients.
(1) preservatives: benzalkonium chloride
The French National Institute of Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM) recommends that care products for children under three years of age and care products for paper diapers should not contain this ingredient.
(2) Brightener: Fluorescent agent
Although it does not eat, but the amount of contact, the fluorescent agent on the human body is very small, but the fluorescent agent through the wound or other means into the human body, combined with the protein, it is difficult to excreted, and can make cell variation, there is a potential risk of cancer.
(3) alcohol and fragrance
Many Woodpulp Wipes contain alcohol and flavor, alcohol is volatile and irritating, easy to wipe the skin surface moisture loss, skin discomfort, not suitable for babies. Flavors are irritating to the skin and easily lead to skin irritation.
2, see Woodpulp Wipes production information
The product information includes the date of manufacture, manufacturer, site, telephone, shelf life, active ingredient, production lot number, health permit number, health standard number, instructions and precautions. This information is incomplete, more vague or has expired, it is best not to buy.
3, check the seal of Woodpulp Wipes packaging
Buy baby pulp wet wipes, but also depends on the product packaging seal. The packing of the Woodpulp Wipes should be sealed without damage. Once the packaging is poor or damaged, the bacteria will be deep Woodpulp Wipes, Woodpulp Wipes sterilization effect is high.
In addition, after taking the Woodpulp Wipes, to immediately paste a good seal to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, resulting in dry Woodpulp Wipes affect the use of results.
4. Note the feel and smell
It is recommended to choose soft and thick baby pulp wet wipes, not easy to scrape or leave the debris; choose no fragrance of the baby Woodpulp Wipes, so this kind of Woodpulp Wipes add less ingredients, less stimulation of the baby The
5. Look at the thickness of the Woodpulp Wipes
The thickness of the Woodpulp Wipes is one of the criteria to determine the quality of Woodpulp Wipes is usually considered thick Woodpulp Wipes feel better, strong use, and thin Woodpulp Wipes used in the process easier to tear , Affect its ability to clean.
6, look at the brand
Big brand company's advanced technology, the quality of the production of paper towels is relatively high. But these are not absolute, in the specific choice have to be considered.
In the purchase of Woodpulp Wipes also distinguish between high quality and low quality Woodpulp Wipes, high-quality Woodpulp Wipes will have a soft and elegant fragrance, without any irritating smell, and poor quality Woodpulp Wipes are obvious stimulation Sexual smell. In general, high-quality Woodpulp Wipes more non-woven fabrics, soft texture and white, without any impurities, poor quality Woodpulp Wipes there will be obvious impurities. In use, high-quality Woodpulp Wipes will not fluff, low-quality Woodpulp Wipes are obvious pilling, the skin has a stimulating effect, easy to produce itching feeling.
Note that the packaging should be above the factory name, site, telephone, shelf life, active ingredients, production lot number, production date, health permit number, the implementation of health standards, instructions and precautions and so on.
Note that the shelf life of different Woodpulp Wipes have their own shelf life. "Ordinary Woodpulp Wipes" is mainly used to clean the skin, shelf life is generally 6 months - 3 years. "Baby special disinfection care Woodpulp Wipes" specifically for cleaning and care of baby hips, shelf life is generally 1.5-3 years. "Lady makeup remover for Woodpulp Wipes", the shelf life is generally 3 years. "Women care disinfection dedicated Woodpulp Wipes", shelf life is generally 1 year.
"Disinfection of Woodpulp Wipes" is divided into two kinds, one for small wounds and the surrounding skin clean and disinfection; the other is a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect for skin cleansing, smoothing, disinfection, sterilization and daily necessities, health Sanitary ware clean disinfection, the two sterilization Woodpulp Wipes shelf life of 2 years.