Woodpulp Wipes Easy To Use, Choose More Attention

Woodpulp Wipes easy to use, choose more attention
Wet paper towels and more use
1, born newborn skin delicate, each toilet, wipe with a baby wet wipes, make small ass clean, comfortable.
2, with the baby to go out a lot of inconvenience, go out to carry a bag of wet tissue, at any time can wipe the small face, small dirty hands and smelly ass, it is very convenient.
Wet paper towels to buy points
Note that the packaging should be above the factory name, site, telephone, shelf life, active ingredients, production batch number, production date, health permit number, the implementation of health standards, instructions and precautions and so on.
· Note that the Woodpulp Wipes for different purposes have their own shelf life.
· "Ordinary Woodpulp Wipes" is mainly used for cleaning the skin, shelf life is generally 6 months - 3 years.
"Disinfection of Woodpulp Wipes" is divided into two kinds, one for small wounds and the surrounding skin clean and disinfection; the other is a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect for skin cleansing, smoothing, disinfection, sterilization and daily necessities, Sanitary ware cleaning disinfection, the two sterilization Woodpulp Wipes shelf life of 2 years.
· "Baby care for Woodpulp Wipes" dedicated to cleaning and care of baby face or buttocks, shelf life is generally 1.5-3 years.
"Lady makeup remover for Woodpulp Wipes" shelf life is generally 3 years; "Ms. care for Woodpulp Wipes" shelf life is generally 1 year.
Attention to sensory
Qualified wooden pulp wipes with soft, elegant taste, texture white, after use will not fluff.
· Pay attention to sealability
Bagged Woodpulp Wipes should be sealed, no damage; boxed and canned Woodpulp Wipes packaging should be complete, no damage. Packing seal is good, in order to maintain the effectiveness of sterilization of Woodpulp Wipes. Take the Woodpulp Wipes, should immediately paste the seal to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, resulting in dry Woodpulp Wipes affect the use of results.
Attention to irritation
Do not use Woodpulp Wipes directly Sassafras eyes, middle ear and mucous membrane, such as the use of Woodpulp Wipes after skin irritation, itching, irritation and other symptoms should be immediately stopped using the serious should go to the hospital emergency room.
 Now a lot of mother babies are inseparable from the baby Woodpulp Wipes, but the baby Woodpulp Wipes in the end what purpose? Here to introduce the use of baby pulp wet wip it, take a look at it!
1. When you go out, clean your baby's dirty hands
      Going out will encounter a lot of trouble, such as the baby pull smelly, small hand dirty, and no water when cleaning, and then you can use wet paper towels to solve, very practical and convenient.
2 baby cold, and to the baby wiping the nose
  Baby cold, the nose kept flowing down, often wiping with a paper towel, small nose was polished dry and red, if the wet paper towel to the baby wiping the nose, you can protect the baby's soft nose from torture.
3 to the baby wiping his mouth
   Good baby Woodpulp Wipes are done without alcohol, no spices, no fluorescent agent and other standards, so mothers can rest assured that the use of food before and after the baby pulp wipes can be used to wipe your child wipes.
4 to the baby wipe
  Summer hot weather, with baby pulp wet wipes to the baby wipe, can not dry sweat, but also disinfection, so that the baby from bacterial invasion.
5 moisturizing baby skin
  Good baby Woodpulp Wipes added aloe essence and moisturizing water, etc., to the baby clean at the same time, there is the role of moisture to prevent small hands cracked, protect the baby delicate skin.
6 wipe the baby's toys
  Woodpulp Wipes containing disinfection ingredients, some difficult to clean baby toys can be used baby pulp wipes wipe, so as not to virus from the baby toys in the baby body, the so-called disease from the mouth Well.