Wipes Wipes Can Be Customized According To The Special Requirements Of Customers Special Products

Wipes The company is a set of research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the paper machinery enterprises, founded in 2000 in Taiwan, Taiwan's well-known enterprises, since China set up factories in Fujian, wipes with Taiwan in the accumulation of years of production experience, System and advanced research and development capabilities, products by domestic and foreign industry praise, in the domestic and international markets have a high degree of possession, Han Ma Machinery has been the leader in domestic paper machinery.

       Wipes The company mainly produces sales of wet paper towel machine advanced high-end fully automated production line equipment, wipes according to the special requirements of customers for special products made. The company has a large number of outstanding technical and management personnel. And equipped with a Japanese, Taiwan imports, high-precision processing equipment: vertical CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, high stability imported hobbing machine, milling machine, etc., are selected from Japan, Taiwan famous brand, processing accuracy to international standards. Superb processing technology, strict quality management, wet towel efficient planning production, making our products in a stable and reliable, durable at the same time, to maximize the customer to meet the delivery deadline. Company to "improve enterprise management, to ensure quality first, continuous improvement and innovation, based on customer satisfaction," the quality policy as the guiding ideology, and continuously improve product quality and customer satisfaction. At the end of 2006 the company began to run ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system and obtain a certificate, wipes at the same time through the EU CE safety certification. Based on now, look to the future, Han Ma machinery is willing to quality assurance, integrity management concept, to create maximum profits for customers, and customers to share the success of the establishment of a bright future.

    Wipes The company uses safe and advanced automatic production lines, with advanced product quality testing system and after-sales service system, first-class research and development and production and sales team, each package wet towels have to go through a number of complex production and disinfection processes to ensure that consumption Who used the rest assured, comfortable. Ingredients for the Spunlaced non-woven fabrics, small towels, cotton, wipes feel soft, high-quality formula RO pure water + cleansing disinfectant, non-alcoholic, disinfectant by scientific ratio, health and environmental protection, Year air quality

Excellent, water quality pollution, to ensure the quality of the wipes, product quality and reliable.

       Wipes The company's current products are: non-woven wet tissue, small towel wipes, boxed paper towels, a wide range of products, widely used, suitable for all grades of food and beverage restaurants, take-away distribution, wipes advertising promotions, business meetings, aviation High iron, festive wedding and so on. Since the establishment of the company, in the surrounding areas accumulated many customer groups, and long-term cooperation, by all the partners of praise.

       Wipes The company will continue to market demand-oriented, technology-leading survival, professional quality, integrity services, and constantly improve and develop, we will be happy for the broad masses

    Consumer services, and sincerely hope that friends and sincere cooperation and common development.