Why Do You Choose Cotton Towels

Pure cotton towels are woven fabric made of pure cotton yarn on the surface of the wool ring suede or wool velvet, so the pure cotton material is very popular with consumers, and when you choose the towel, we also pay much attention to whether it is pure cotton material. At present, towel is the largest demand for textiles, per person per month consumption of a towel calculation, China's annual demand for towels in the towel can be one billion, is a very large number, and pure cotton towels in which is a very high proportion.

A towel is a fabric with a terry structure interwoven with three system yarns. The yarn of these three systems is the wool warp, ground warp and weft yarn. With the development of science and technology, there are new forms of towels, warp knitted towels, the towel ring structure is firm, but the form is single, and many towels in the market are the mechanism towels. Pure cotton towels are suitable for all users, especially for children with skin allergies or delicate skin. They are very suitable for pure cotton towels. Because pure cotton towels are very harmful to human body, users can safely use this pure cotton towel.

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