What's The Difference Between Wet Toilet Paper And Wet Wipes?

First of all, high-quality wet toilet paper is mainly composed of raw wood pulp, can be decomposed in the toilet and sewer; wet towel can not be decomposed in the toilet;

Secondly, high-quality wet toilet paper is tested by the vaginal mucosa, PH is weak acidic, suitable for private and all kinds of sensitive people applicable; Wet towels are not specially made for private; Finally, high-quality wet toilet paper has 99.9% sterilization capacity, and not through the chemical sterilization of fungicides, but physical erasure, mild and non-stimulating.

Wet toilet paper is a new type of wet toilet paper that can be washed away. Compared with ordinary dry paper towels, wet toilet paper is becoming a revolutionary new product in toilet paper industry because of its excellent clean function and comfort characteristics.

In fact, wet toilet paper is not China's first. In developed countries in Europe and America, wet toilet paper has long been a household necessities. For example, in Switzerland, the permeability of wet toilet paper is already 50%, that is, one in two people use wet toilet paper; in Germany, the permeability of wet toilet paper is close to 40%; the birth of wet toilet paper in China, truly help the Chinese people improve the quality of life, is the pursuit of quality of life essential household necessities.

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