What Is The Use Of Wipes

Wipes With the improvement of people's living standards, daily necessities are also changing, the original hand dirty ah, the baby's mouth dirty, are washed with water or a handkerchief to do a clean job for the baby, and now technology is more and more Advanced ah, there has been a wet wipes, small wipes function is still very strong, so today to share: what is the use of wipes? Hope to help everyone Oh

  One: baby wipes for baby use

  To the baby wiping or for bedridden patients

  Baby from birth, especially in the presence of diarrhea such a situation, do the skin of the perianal skin care is extremely important, and sometimes frequent use of warm water for several times to wash small ass is also very cumbersome, especially encountered Winter cold weather situation, this time on the need to apply to the ordinary baby wipes, it is convenient, a rub on it, you can also play the role of moisturizing Oh. Long-term bedridden patients, such as patients with hemiplegia, but also can be used to carry out the wipes of the skins part of the skin clean work, simple and convenient.

  Keep your hands clean and clean

  In the outside, the hand will inevitably come into contact with some bacteria, especially in the moment has not found a place to wash their hands, this time, nose and mouth wipes can come in handy, a rub can keep the skin clean Health, especially in winter, wet wipes can also play the role of moist skin, play to keep the skin moist.

  Baby lips around the skin clean

  After the baby is born, especially in the teeth when the mouth will be drooling, lips, if often wet, then some rash, or the baby kept running nose, if the regular use of paper, then wipe The baby's nose below the part of the skin redness, will cause the baby pain, the baby will refuse to wipe the nose, this time you can also use the nose and mouth wet wipes to protect the baby's skin clean.

  Two: female makeup remover use

  Wipes Because of the face of the era, so many women's face will be a layer of makeup, and sometimes their own dress spent time, and the situation was too late to wash their faces, You can apply to the women's special remover wipes friends, a rub can be the face of the dressing out, unloading the net, but also your original color of the skin.

  Three: disinfection applications

  According to the function of wipes, some wipes wipes also have the function of disinfection. With the wipes with this function, the surface of the baby's toy, the skin of the hand cut out, or the surface of the household electronic equipment, wipe it, you can kill the surface of the object or the surface of the skin , Or very convenient Oh.

  Female cleaning

  Women have a physiological period every month, in the physiological period, especially the large number of women, sometimes the blood did not clean, the perineum is not timely for cleaning, easy to breed bacteria, this time you can use disinfectant wipes , To keep the local skin clean and sanitary, it is also very convenient to use

  Four: remove the use of smell

  In sports or summer high temperature, the skin will appear a lot of sweat, sweat when there will be some taste, this time, you can use the odor to the smell of wipes, both can clean up the skin can also be effective Reduce the secretion of sweat, can also kill bacteria.

  Five: skin care effect

  According to the quality and function of different paper towels, individual high-grade wipes also joined the vitamin E, acid, glycerin and other skin care ingredients in the inside, so that clean, moisturizing, skin care done one-time.

  Six: shoes used

  Wipes Go out, the shoes will inevitably be infected with some dust, so that their image greatly reduced, the use of dry paper to wipe, then, not clean, or there will be some dust left on the upper, this time you can use ordinary wipes To wipe the dust on the upper, but also a clean upper, and dust cleaning time is best to clean the wet, so there is no chance of dust flying