Use Baby Cellulose Wipes In Winter To Keep Warm

Use baby Cellulose Wipes in winter to keep warm
Winter Cellulose Wipes cold, easy to cause irritation to the baby's skin, before use, it is best to heat the Cellulose Wipes. Conditional can buy a dedicated Cellulose Wipes heater, the whole box of Cellulose Wipes into the use of heating, make your baby feel more comfortable.
Do not want to put too much money can buy a small package of Cellulose Wipes or advance one or two pieces of Cellulose Wipes out, sealed in a clean plastic bag bubble in hot water, wait until the time is naturally warm Almost friends.
Winter out, you can put a small package of Cellulose Wipes in the personal clothes pocket, so when the Cellulose Wipes with body temperature, it will not cool to the baby's small PP. Shentai hotel supplies company: Guangzhou Cellulose Wipes manufacturers to provide.
Baby Cellulose Wipes are commonly used items for infants and young children, parents are always thousands of choice, hoping to buy more secure baby products. However, the Hong Kong Consumer Council recently announced that the spot checks found in Hong Kong market sales of 44 infants and young children dedicated cleaning wipes, 33 marked with preservatives, 9 containing preservatives "methyl isothiazolinone" ( MIT), may cause severe rash in infants and young children skin. Among them, the Phoebe brand a baby Cellulose Wipes "list."
Different brands are different
Hong Kong Consumer Council said that methyl isothiazolinone (MIT) in Europe and the United States to make many young children and adults allergic reactions, extreme cases can make patients with swelling, blisters, skin cleft and so on.
It is understood that MIT as a highly effective preservative is widely used in cosmetics and personal care products. On December 12, 2013, the European Cosmetics Personal Care Products Association published industry recommendations on the use of preservatives to stop the use of preservatives MIT and suggested that cosmetics companies should stop using preservatives MITs as soon as possible in the pending cosmetics without waiting for the EU Cosmetics Regulations About MIT Use product type to monitor updates.
Recently, the reporter visited a number of supermarkets, pharmacies and children's products store found that the market sales of baby Cellulose Wipes brand as many as dozens of publicity focused on "no tears formula", "food grade xylitol" "No alcohol", "no spices", no fluorescent agent, "sterilization, disinfection" and so on.
Reporters found that different functions of the Cellulose Wipes are not the same composition, different products even between the great difference. Some Cellulose Wipes only list the main ingredients, such as a brand of baby special hand wet towel for the "xylitol, innovative mesh gauze texture", another brand of children's Cellulose Wipes was "pure water 100%, no Spinning cloth "; and some Cellulose Wipes are complex ingredients, such as mothers are very sought after by a brand baby hand towel Cellulose Wipes in its merchandise material marked" water, propylene glycol, citric acid, sodium benzoate, ē¾«Sodium citrate, hydroxyphenethyl ester, hydroxyphenyl acrylate, nonwoven fabric ".
However, the reporter in the market did not see the Phoebe baby Cellulose Wipes for sale, did not find a baby Cellulose Wipes on the ingredients table listed "methyl isothiazolinone".
Wound damage to avoid use
According to reports, the wet towel added ingredients are mainly propylene glycol, cetyl chloride, alcohol and some preservatives, not only will stimulate the skin, and easily lead to contact dermatitis and other skin allergies.
Wangjing Hospital Dermatology Director Li Guangrui said that infants and young children's delicate skin, so the use of disinfection of Cellulose Wipes demanding But in fact the market for the sale of Cellulose Wipes contain preservatives, because the disinfection of the ingredients must be preserved preservatives, and preservatives for the child may be a threat. Children skin delicate and fragile, long-term, excessive use of chemical substances containing more than the Cellulose Wipes easy to cause skin allergies. He suggested that, whether it is a small baby's little ass, or hands and face, it is best to use water and gauze to clean and wipe, so more secure.
He reminded the use of Cellulose Wipes should try to avoid contact with eyelids, ears and other sensitive parts. In addition, do not use Cellulose Wipes directly rub the eyes and skin damage. The use of Cellulose Wipes such as skin redness, itching and other allergic symptoms, should immediately stop using, severe cases should be promptly to the hospital
Cellulose Wipes can not be replaced by handwashing
Many parents with children to go out to eat or play, often with Cellulose Wipes towel, when it is "hand sanitizer." As everyone knows, this practice can not be disinfected, and many Cellulose Wipes there are health risks.
Experts advise, if infants and young children long-term use of Cellulose Wipes towel, there may be toxic substances. Children will often eat the habit of eating, so it is easy to put the Cellulose Wipes above the chemical substances into the stomach, the long run, it may affect the health
Flow of water to wash the hand more to ensure health, if the hand wash is not convenient to really need to use Cellulose Wipes, the best choice of ingredients simple Cellulose Wipes products. Li Guangrui reminded, sterile Cellulose Wipes generally sub-fragrant and fragrant, in order to minimize the stimulation of the skin, the best choice without fragrance, especially sensitive skin.
In addition, the disinfection of Cellulose Wipes are generally in several forms of packaging, some is a piece or more pieces of equipment, experts recommend the election of independent packaging, so you can try to keep the Cellulose Wipes moisturizing, disinfection.