To The Mother To Pick A Variety Of Baby Woodpulp Wipes Experience

To the mother to pick a variety of baby Woodpulp Wipes experience
Newborn baby skin is particularly delicate, after each toilet, it is best to use the baby wet wipes wipe. Like wet paper towels to keep things close contact with the newborn, novice parents must be careful when picking, so as not to bring discomfort to the baby, but also to the family's life trouble. That when the choice of newborn wet wipes, pay attention to what? Especially dedicated to the prospective mothers after 80 mothers together to learn about it
1. Note wet towel ingredients, ingredients on the quality of the wet tissue is essential, do not underestimate this size of the wood Woodpulp Wipes, which can be a lot of content, in order to achieve the product needs moisture, moisture, in addition to Bacteria and other effects, the brand Woodpulp Wipes added ingredients are different, some good for the baby, some bad is not bad, and some ingredients will hurt the baby, so the mother at the time of purchase do not ignore this on the one hand. Baby Woodpulp Wipes can not add alcohol, flavor, irritation, fluorescent agent and so on.
  2. Note that we choose the wet paper towel when we must look at its packaging seal. Because the packaging seal is good, then keep the Woodpulp Wipes sterilization effect is high. Bags of Woodpulp Wipes should be sealed, no damage; boxed and canned Woodpulp Wipes packaging should be complete, no damage. Novice parents in the access to Woodpulp Wipes, to immediately paste a good seal to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, resulting in dry wood pulp wet towel and affect its use effect.
3. Note that the feel and smell of wet tissue there are many different types and brands. Different wet wipes are very different in terms of feel and smell. Some Woodpulp Wipes are very dense, some very soft, and some smell aromatic, some basic no smell. I suggest that the mother is best to buy a relatively soft and thick, no smell of Woodpulp Wipes. Choose the baby Woodpulp Wipes will choose more soft, the child used more comfortable.
  First, the disinfection of Woodpulp Wipes generally sub-fragrant and fragrant, in order to minimize the stimulation of the skin, the best choice without fragrance, especially sensitive skin.
Second, sterile Woodpulp Wipes are not all can be used to clean the face, the use of ordinary Woodpulp Wipes may damage delicate facial skin. If you want to use to clean the face, be sure to see in the Woodpulp Wipes on the packaging: can be used to clean the face of the words.
Third, the disinfection of Woodpulp Wipes are generally in several forms of packaging, some 1, 2, 10, or 10 pieces of equipment, as far as possible, as far as possible optional packaging, so as to try to keep the pulp Wet towel moisturizing, disinfection. The use of non-independent packaging of Woodpulp Wipes, extract a post, should immediately paste the seal, to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, resulting in dry Woodpulp Wipes affect the use of results.
Fourth, we should pay attention to irritation, do not use Woodpulp Wipes directly wipe the eyes, skin damage, such as the use of Woodpulp Wipes after skin irritation, itching, irritation and other symptoms, should immediately stop using.
   Woodpulp Wipes manufacturers Woodpulp Wipes preservation skills: the sale of the ladies in the supermarket care of Woodpulp Wipes in the packaging are marked: "clean the privacy of parts, away from the bacteria breeding, refreshing taste." "Liquid PH value in line with the human body environment, can balance the pH. "Its raw materials include chlorhexidine acetate, glycerol and pure water and flavor, etc., for menstrual cleaning, toilet use, daily privacy care.
Woodpulp Wipes have a certain bacteriostatic effect, but generally can not be sterilized, which is the need to pay special attention to the point. At the same time for the need to use care of Woodpulp Wipes friends, should pay attention to the production date and save the environment, due to Woodpulp Wipes on the preservation of the environment is very high, in high temperature, some pharmaceutical ingredients may be volatile, thus affecting the use of results The At the same time, try to choose an independent small package of products, once run out can be directly discarded, does not affect the packaging of other products. If it is a large package of products, after extraction, should be promptly sealed to ensure the safety of the remaining products.