The Three Functions Of A Wipes

The three functions of a Wipes

Wet Wipes manufacturer introduce Wipes three functions: 1. The sterilization and the stain: dirt and bacteria are visible and invisible pollutants, for stains can remove most wet Wipes, while for bacteria need to add the antiseptic Wipes. At present, the Wipes in the market can be divided into two categories: one is sterilized by itself, but it does not add the bactericidal component, so it can only wipe off the surface of the article, and cannot play the role of sterilization. Another kind of added antiseptic, packaging will be mentioned, commonly used have benzalkonium chloride, cetyl pyridine chloride, west pyrazole ammonium chloride, etc., can be used as under skin abrasions, scratches, and so on and so forth disinfection or sterilization, suitable for outside use. Antiseptic in some media for wet Wipes the notion of toxic and hazardous to health is exaggerated, sterilization component in high concentrations may indeed have toxicity and irritation, but in trace amounts in the wet Wipes, no hurt, as long as the parents don't let the baby chew a Wipes, and do not use Wipes to wipe the entrance ware.

2. The moisturizing effect: propylene glycol is moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, which are frequently used in Wipess and aloe essence has moisturizing effect, although some Wipes composition looks very natural and safe, but if we don't have moisturizing factor, its effectiveness will be discounted. 3. Wipes material: the material of wet Wipes for spunlaced nonwoven, basic is the combination of viscose and polyester, polyester chemical fiber, and the glue was mainly used for cotton in natural fiber, general Wipes the raw material is majority in the proportion of polyester nonwoven, more natural fiber than big Wipess (cotton Wipes) soft, more suitable for the baby's tender skin. That's all for this article. I hope it will help you.

We don't want to underestimate a small Wipes, a small Wipes may seem ordinary, then a small piece, the effect is not small. Moisturizing, moisturizing, cleaning, bacteria and other products are all good products. Some Wipes have the effect of adding alcohols to the addition of bacteria, but the damage to the baby is also produced. It also takes away the moisture of the body and makes the skin feel like it's collapsing. There are also some Wipes that attract consumers from the sense of perception and smell in order to give it a fragrance to add flavor. In order to prolong the life of the product with preservatives, whether it is an essence or preservative, the baby's skin can increase the risk of allergy. These are all want to resolutely eliminate to the baby to use, the baby's Wipes should choose the composition is soft colorless and tasteless is more ideal.

Wet Wipes manufacturer has become a unique product, quality excellent, category is complete, the professional towel production enterprises, consumer trust adhering to the concept of quality first, provide the satisfaction for the new and old customers the Wipes product.

Wipes manufacturer's baby Wipes for the selection of notes: 1. Baby Wipes are insoluble in water, please do not discard them in the toilet, so as not to cause blockage. 2. If the skin has the symptoms of wound or redness, swelling, pain and itching, please stop using it and consult the doctor in time. 3. Please do not put it in high temperature and sunshine. Please close the seal after use. 4. Put it where the baby's hands don't reach, so as not to eat. 5. Please open the seal sticker when used and close the sticker when not in use to keep the soft Wipes moist. 6. To keep the baby Wipes wet, choose different types of Wipes according to actual usage.