The Quality Standard Of Clean Room With A Clean Cloth

Clean room cleaning is a very important piece of work in pharmaceutical enterprises, the main tool used in the cleaning of clean cloth directly affects the quality of the cleaning work efficiency and effectiveness, but I found a lot of pharmaceutical companies on how to choose this important tool is not very clear, following some clean rags quality standards issued for your reference and Exchange:

1. the total number of particles the liquid environment (through simulation tests clean rag in liquid environment actually used the total number of particles in the process, determine the adaptability of cloth in clean environments), General computing ≥ 0.5 μ m and the number of particles ≥ 5 μ m, the unit is (million particles/m2), particles less that wipes the better the performance. 2. the total number of empty particles (measuring rag (or other materials) in actual use under similar stress stress in the dry state of particles released under no load), calculate the total number of particles ≥ 0.5 μ m (Particles/m2/ft3).

3. fiber release number (by measuring the cloth under a specific amount of stress in a liquid environment (simulating actual use) after the total number of fiber loading. Calculating > number 100 Micron fiber, fibers/square meters. 4. non-volatile residue testing.

5. the absorption capacity (speed of absorption and adsorption, adsorption faster more better) 6. metal ion content.

Clean room as a core area of pharmaceutical production, into the inside of the material will be subject to stringent control, fully eligible to enter, but most local enterprises including some experts say as long as it is non-woven fabrics to meet the needs of clean room, this point of view there is a great deal of misunderstanding.

Non-woven fabric is just a generic term, cloth manufacturing and sanitary environment, most are not strictly produced in clean environment, such products are pollution, wasted effort for a clean environment, the effect is certainly not good. Homemade dust-free cloth towels and more unreasonable, just clean the dirt you can see, but also build more small particles influence product quality problems.