The Quality Of Wet Wipes Is Introduced In Detail

The quality of wet Wipes is introduced in detail

Wipes factory detail the quality of the wet Wipes, wet Wipes are disposable hygiene products, more for business such as civil aviation, hotels, restaurants, exhibition and reception site, in recent years as people living standard rise, Wipes the personal consumption gradually increased, mainly used in travel, tourism and other outdoor water use is not convenient, and the cleanness of infant care family. Wipe the face and hands with disinfecting wet tissue, which is both sanitary and convenient. However, different wet cloth products have different USES.

Ordinary wet cloth: mainly used to clean skin. It is not easy to use when you go out to clean water. Low-grade products use hot rolled (or hot wind) non-woven fabrics as the base material, medium and high grade products use dust-free paper (or dry paper) or water spines non-woven fabric as the base material. Common Wipes the leaching liquid composition for distilled water or pure water, disinfectants, essence, leaching liquid medium and top grade product contains aloe vera, vitamin E, cocoa phosphatidic acid, glycerin, malic acid, such as skin care ingredients, use cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing one time.

The preservation technique of wet Wipes manufacturer's wet Wipes: the various kinds of women's care Wipes that are sold in supermarkets are marked on the packaging: "clean the privacy area, stay away from the bacteria, the fresh and the good taste." "The PH of the liquid is in the female human body and can balance the PH." Its ingredients include chlorohexadine acetate, triglycerol, purified water and essence, etc., which can be used for menstrual cleaning, post-toilet use, daily privacy, etc.

Wet Wipes has certain inhibitory effect, but general cannot sterilize, this is need special attention a bit. Wipes for need to use care friend at the same time, should pay attention to the production date and save the environment, because of the wet Wipes is very tall to the requirement of to save the environment, under the condition of high temperature, some drug ingredients may be volatile, so as to affect the use effect. At the same time, try to choose the products with independent small packages. Once used, it can be discarded directly without affecting the packaging of other products. If it is a large package, the product should be sealed in time to ensure the safety of the remaining products.

One, disinfect wet Wipes general to be unscented and have fragrant type, in order to reduce the stimulation to skin as far as possible, it is best to choose to have no scent type, especially sensitive skin.

2. Disinfecting Wipes can not be used to clean the face. Using a common Wipes can damage the delicate facial skin. If you want to clean your face, be sure to see it on the outer packing of the Wipes: use the words to clean your face.

Three, disinfecting Wipes usually have several kinds of packaging form, have a plenty of 1, 2 tablets, 10 pills, or 10 patches independent outfit, conditional as far as possible choose independent packing, so we can try to keep moisturizing and disinfectant Wipes. Use a non-independent package of wet Wipes, after drawing a card, should then stick the sealing strip, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, cause wet Wipes to dry and affect the use effect.

Four, should pay attention to stimulative, do not use wet Wipes to wipe the eye directly, skin to break the office, if use wet Wipes to appear cutaneous redness, itching, stimulative reaction and so on symptom, should stop use immediately.