The Origin Of The Mop

The mop should be derived from the rag. When the ground to be cleaned is earth, people are afraid that they want to sweep it away, not necessarily to wipe it off. With the improvement of productivity and the change of living environment, the need for scrubbing is needed when the clean ground is changed from soil to clean boards and slates. The earliest scrubbing ground should be a rag. Although the washing has made the floor clean, the operator's first question has come too tired. The problem is the source of inspiration, someone installed a long handle on the rag, oh, the difference - the benefit is seen, the name of the image - "mop". The mop came to the world. The "upright walking" has been realized.

After a long time, the new problem came again. The mop's working part, the mop head itself, also needs constant washing. The problem of cleaning the head of the mop to the operator's hand rises to the problem that needs to be solved. Therefore, the smart people, for the mop with the "wring water" device and "rotary drying" device, which has the "wring the mop" and "dry mop", to solve the problem of dehydrating the head of the mop.

With the growing growth of the tree of science, the materials used in the head of the mop are becoming more and more extensive. From the early cotton strips, they have developed non-woven fabrics, superfine fibers and even a single piece of collodion (mop mop). The collodion mop is more suitable for cleaning the floor water of kitchen and toilet because of its strong water absorption and matching of convenient water squeezing device.

The crank mop raises the brain on the mop rod, and the crank part is added to the traditional straight rod, which makes the movement of the head of the mop on the ground more convenient and labor-saving. It solves the difficult problem of the straight rod mop bending down and the garbage debris being pushed and pushed to the bottom. At the same time, the rocking crank can also be high for the mop. The speed revolving thorough cleaning provides the power.

Today, the functions of mops are constantly expanding and assistive devices are emerging one after another.

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