The Development Of Woodpulp Wipes?

The development of Woodpulp Wipes?

The late 20th century, the end of the late 80s and the end of the end of the decade is the stage of China's Woodpulp Wipes?. At that time, only a small number of factories producing wet tissue, such as Shanghai Hitachi Health Products Co., Ltd. production of "love only card" wet tissue, is China's first wet paper towel brand. At that time wet tissue products are mainly commercial for personal consumption is still a luxury.

  The 20th century, the century and the end of the mid-90s mid-mid-mid-period is the beginning of China's Woodpulp Wipes? stage. At that time the introduction of several domestic wet tissue machine, such as Beijing Miao company, Harbin Jingqi paper company, Anhui Tongling Bofa, Beijing Aihua company has introduced wet tissue equipment. Wet paper towel production and grades have been greatly improved, increased commercial use faster, civil aviation, there are grades of the hotel is also more common use of consumers to travel cleaning supplies. But the use of Woodpulp Wipes? is limited to clean the skin wiping, wiping the face, the variety structure is single.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the early period of the early century and the beginning of the century is the development stage of China's Woodpulp Wipes?, at this time most of China's urban life into the well-off, especially the 2003 SARS epidemic and the 2004 avian flu outbreak, making people aware of personal hygiene The key to prevention, people pay more and more attention to personal hygiene, resulting in the use of sterile paper towels greatly expanded, and now many cities in the taxi, restaurants and other public places are equipped with disinfectant paper towels for people to use. In personal consumption, people are no longer limited to only use in the outdoors, and many consumers are for school children prepared to disinfect wet towels, while people who travel will also use. Which are reflected in the continuous improvement of people's health awareness, on the other hand is bound to give birth to a strong demand for health supplies market. In recent years in recent years in recent years, Woodpulp Wipes? production has increased rapidly, the current domestic market has hundreds of brands of Woodpulp Wipes? products, the annual consumption of about 500t ~ 600t. The country more formal production enterprises have more than 50, and another workshop-style small business nearly 100. In the high-end exports more products, foreign brands in China, the number of fixed-point processing is also growing

Winter Woodpulp Wipes? cold, easy to cause irritation to the baby's skin, in the best before using the Woodpulp Wipes? to heat about. Conditional can buy a dedicated Woodpulp Wipes? heater, the whole box of Woodpulp Wipes? into the use of heating, make your baby feel more comfortable.

Do not want to put too much money can buy a small package of Woodpulp Wipes? or advance one or two pieces of Woodpulp Wipes? out, sealed in a clean plastic bag soak in hot water, wait until the time is naturally warm Almost friends.

Winter out, you can put a small package of Woodpulp Wipes? in the personal clothes pocket, so when the Woodpulp Wipes? with body temperature, it will not cool to the baby's small PP.