The Advantage Of Non-woven Cloth

Non-woven cloth, as green and low carbon and environmental protection industry new products, began to come into our lives and brought a lot of convenience to our daily life. Nonwoven cleaning wipes are your strengths? Today we come together to learn about its features. Talk about it first to the oil. Non-woven cloth made of soluble fiber, can come into contact with the oily substance quick absorption, also reduce friction on the fine surface. Secondly its vacuum effect. Dirt and dust suction volumes quickly and efficiently, and reduce the problem when cleaning. The third is its versatility, in addition to household cleaning outside, you can also wipe the DSL, PSP case and screen, LCD screen, computer and television monitors, cameras, lenses, precision instruments, automobiles and optical items. Finally, there is an obvious advantage is that environmental protection, it can be repeated several times to clean several times, more in line with environmental protection.