Spunlace Non-woven Processing Principle

Reinforcement fiber spunlaced method similar to the needling process, but without needles, instead of using multiple micro-water jet of high pressure injection Web. Water jet through the fiber network, entrusted with the rebound in net curtains, again interspersed with fiber mesh, thus, high-speed fiber networks fiber in different directions under the effect of the water jets punctuated, displacement, insertion, matted and cohesion, so that the Web be strengthened.
Spunlace technology features:
1. flexible kink, does not effect the original characteristics, does not damage the fibers
2. appearance than other non-woven material closer to the traditional textiles
3. high strength, low pilling
4. high moisture absorption and rapid moisture absorption
5. good air permeability
6. soft and drape
7. look in the mood changing
8. without adhesive reinforcement, washing
9. the long production process, covering an area of
10. equipment complex, high quality
11. energy consumption