Select The Wipes To Pay Attention To What The Details

Select the Wipes to pay attention to what the details
Wipes have entered more and more people in the family, and the use of diverse, a wide range, to bring a lot of convenience. But people in the purchase of Wipes must pay attention to, if it is necessary to wipe the skin requirements of the high point, because a lot of time some of the material is not suitable for the Wipes will hurt the human body, then choose the Wipes when the attention? Summer is generally used in the peak season of Wipes, many people are used to wipe, few people can think of it will hurt the skin, we all know that the Wipes are written above the material and precautions, These are also need to pay more attention.
Disinfecting Wipes can be used to clean hands when wiping hands, wiping tables and chairs, before meals or without water and soap, but their effects are limited to this. Because some of the ingredients contained in the disinfection of Wipes also affect the human body, such as chlorine, bleaching powder, alcohol, etc., these ingredients will not be marked on the packaging, but will stimulate the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, Frequent use will make the skin dry. Therefore, it can not be used to directly wipe the eyes, wounds, private parts. The female care Wipes, mostly add sterile drug ingredients, claiming that "you can clean the privacy of the site, to avoid the breeding of bacteria, refreshing avoidance." But do not recommend women often use their private parts. Although it can play a certain degree of antibacterial effect, but it can not be sterilized, but will break the body of the body's original acid-base balance, triggering a variety of gynecological diseases.
The baby's skin is very delicate, therefore, compared with adult Wipes, baby Wipes require higher. Baby Wipes are divided into ordinary Wipes (wiping the buttocks) and hand Wipes for Wipes. Baby Wipes can not add alcohol, fragrance, preservatives, fluorescent agents, but can not be taken lightly. Especially love to eat the baby, you can not use the wet towel to its hand, you can use gauze or towel dipped in warm water to wipe.
How to buy and safely use Wipes? Health administrative departments to remind, in the purchase should be to the regular supermarket, shopping malls or pharmacies, in the dining unit when using wet Wipes should pay attention to the following four points:
One is qualified Wipes with soft, elegant taste, texture white, after use will not fluff. Internal products should contain moisture, not dry; poor quality Wipes tend to have an odor, in the course of the use of significant pilling phenomenon, and some have even long moldy, the skin irritation, resulting in itching, pain feeling.
Second, the Wipes should be marked on the packaging of the product name, production company name, address, health permit number. Product labels (including instructions) and promotional content must be true, shall not appear or suggest the effect of treatment of the disease.
Third, should pay attention to the production date and validity of the product or production batch and limit the use of the date. Do not buy, use Wipes beyond the expiration date or not indicating the expiry date.
Fourth, pay attention to check the product packaging is intact, do not buy and use packaging damaged products to prevent the product was secondary pollution.