Research On China's Baby Polyester Wipes Industry In 2016-2022

Research on China's baby Polyester Wipes industry in 2016-2022

In the late 1980 s, China began to have a few domestic enterprises produce Polyester Wipes , Shanghai Hitachi line sanitary products co., LTD. (formerly known as Shanghai carton seven works) is one of the earliest production of polyester towel products enterprise, the brand is "only love" (the enterprise is only for foreign companies to do brand products), the period of the Polyester Wipes  the main products for the home market. In the mid and late 1990s, it was the early stage of the development of Polyester Wipes . Beijing piner paper products co., LTD., Harbin jingqi paper co., LTD., and anhui tongling bofa co., LTD., have bought more than 10 flat Polyester Wipes  made by Taiwan's tai shun company and zhiqi company. Changchun siter health products co., LTD. Has introduced Polyester Wipes  from the United States, Switzerland and Spain to cut, fold, and package the equipment. During this time the production of polyester towel can markedly improved the yield and class, external use (commercial) products that occupy the home consumption increase quickly, but their use is limited to the skin clean with (wipe their hands and face), a single variety structure.

After 2000, it is the rapid development stage of our country polyester wet towel. Johnson &johnson (China) co., LTD. The production of baby care of polyester towel after entering the domestic market, our chief engineer Mr Fly first to pay less in the domestic research and development of the first domestic Polyester Wipes  devices, the domestic Polyester Wipes  equipment in domestic, then enter into the field of the enterprise.

The sudden SARS outbreak in 2003 made the sterilized Polyester Wipes  become the most popular goods in the market. As the amount of the products increased sharply, it even appeared in Beijing and other cities. After SARS, people health awareness of strengthening generally, strong market demand for the development of Polyester Wipes  equipment production provides an opportunity to domestic Polyester Wipes  equipment manufacturing industry is developing rapidly. Polyester towel producers to increase the jinjiang heng paper co., LTD., guangxi shu ya family life care products co., LTD., baoding YiHou into paper co., LTD., such as production capacity of large enterprises and hundreds of small businesses. At present, there are hundreds of brands of polyester wet towel products in the domestic market, and there are many exports of high-grade products, and the number of fixed brand processing products is also increasing.

In China, between 20 and 30 million babies are born every year, and between 8 and 36 months of age, there are about 45 million infants, and 312 million children, and 80 million of them are children aged 0 to 4. In the next 10 to 20 years, domestic infants with Polyester Wipes  will show strong development prospects. Special polyester baby wet wipes in 2009-2012 showed a trend of widening the market capacity, market capacity of 8.593 billion pieces, 2009, 2010, 10.208 billion, as the health care consciousness enhancement, baby group to the rising number of applications, market capacity up to 12.372 billion, 2011, 2012, the market capacity of 14.65 billion pieces.

Many enterprises only tentatively into Polyester Wipes  market, did not take it as a completely independent product category to push, at the same time, due to it is temporarily can't like normal tissue market, become the necessities of people, so the overall market sales, manufacturers to promote investment and the consumer's perception of its limitations, such as Polyester Wipes  away from truly independent market is still there is a certain distance. "But we must see, these a few years consumer acceptance for the spontaneity of Polyester Wipes  has gradually mature, the enterprise, there are many who buy, Polyester Wipes  market facing a great opportunity."

The industry predicts that China's polyester wet towel market is in a "blowout stage", and will be driven by a small event that will drive growth across the industry. Can a special period of flu become this little thing? Domestic Polyester Wipes  species are still confined to the regular cleaning wet wipes, anti-bacterial polyester type, and in the world, especially in North America, Europe and other developed countries and regions of the Polyester Wipes  kinds far beyond people's cognitive range, in the domestic content table disinfection of polyester towel is a has been widely popular in foreign countries, the fledgling domestic examples. Therefore, the domestic polyester wet towel market is also to be in line with the international. Companies also understand that market trends are out of control, and when the polyester wet towel market rises, they have to follow up quickly. In this sense, it is only a matter of time before the market of Polyester Wipes  is detonated.