Rayon Wipes Product Quality To Domestic And Foreign Dyeing Technology Advanced Level

 Rayon Wipes The company is a multi-year for domestic and foreign customers to provide high-quality, multi-species of colored yarn, rayon cleaning towel line business. Company under the jurisdiction of the company and Xinxiang City Textile Textile Printing and Dyeing Company Limited (dyeing factory).

Company dyeing factory has a new high-temperature tube yarn and spray yarn dyeing machine, product quality to domestic and foreign dyeing technology advanced level. All products comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standards. Annual output of more than 3,000 tons.

The main products are viscose filament 30D-900D, silk, cotton, sticky, hemp, and all kinds of blended high-quality colored knitting yarn, line.

   Rayon Wipes Over the years, the company adhere to the "professional, standardized, refined, family" business philosophy to "proofing fast, color quasi-small cylinder as a code of conduct, in the customer service on the implementation of the truth" all-weather service. " We will provide to the international first-line brand of product quality and service, and look forward to working with you win-win!

  Rayon Wipes The main production PVA series of products, imitation deer leather towel, plastic cotton mop head, deer leather mop, rayon towel square cotton, cotton towels, magic wipes and other cleaning supplies, I have a professional production technology team, the strength of the Ministry of Development , The design department continues to introduce more features, to adapt to the trend of new products, we will lead these products into a higher area.

  Rayon Wipes We are 7 high standards "management of high demand, production efficiency, high-quality staff, high level of technology, high-quality products, marketing, high circulation, high standard of service" for the purpose of enabling enterprises to develop rapidly. And always adhere to the highly competitive market products, generous agency policy, improve the market control system and a strong market support to all over the cleaning supplies dealers, agents to the largest profit margins!

My company's brand concept is from the procurement of raw materials, product production, packaging design and new products listed, every link into the health of consumers, fashion, happiness of these three elements!

    Rayon Wipes Health - with the progress of social science, the pace of consumer life faster and faster, work pressure, life pressure often let us breathe, and our household items if not away from the chemical composition, long-term use, lurking in the body, Leaving the body overload. Products, the natural nature of the collection of natural ingredients containing different ingredients extracted from the ratio, refused to all harmful ingredients, really make your life easy, physical and mental health!

    Each product, combined with the modern trend of the front line, the design is exquisite and generous design, there are cute and lovely, and children love the cartoon cartoon pattern; product color young friends love the bright colors, but also in the elderly The dignified mature color ... ... Lai and elegant designers in television, network, real life, national customs in the mining of the most popular fashion elements, and strive to capture the preferences of consumers, so constantly updated, and strive to innovation, new! So that consumers are always in the fashion front!

  Happiness - have a healthy, happy family, happy; have a fashion, the feelings between husband and wife warming, friendship between friends have a better pour, happy, happy!

   Rayon Wipes To bring you health, happiness and fashion!

   Health comes from quality, beautiful birth happiness! I welcome customers to visit our factory to discuss cooperation!