Precautions For Use Of Woodpulp Wipes

Precautions for use of Woodpulp Wipes

Wood pulp baby wipes manufacturers Woodpulp Wipes, for details please refer to our website product display, at the same time also welcome you to inquire details, your baby's skin is very delicate, so we need to pay attention to when using the following: 1. The baby Woodpulp Wipes insoluble in water, do not throw away in the toilet, so as not to cause congestion. 2. If the skin has the symptoms of wound or redness, swelling, pain and itching, please stop using it and consult the doctor in time. 3. Please do not put it in the place where the heat and sunlight can illuminate. Please close the seal after use. 4. Put it where the baby's hands don't reach, so as not to eat. 5. Please open the seal sticker when used and close the sticker when not in use to keep the soft wood wet towel moist. 6. In order to keep the baby's wet towel moist, different types of slurry wipes should be selected according to the actual usage. 7. Use baby wood wet wipes in winter to put the wooden slurry wet wipes on the heater or next to hot.

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Woodpulp Wipes manufacturer to teach you how to choose the Woodpulp Wipes: even when the choose and buy Woodpulp Wipes distinguish high and low-quality Woodpulp Wipes, high quality Woodpulp Wipes there will be a kind of downy elegant fragrance, no excitant odour, and inferior Woodpulp Wipes have obvious irritating smell. Generally speaking, high quality Woodpulp Wipes are made of non-woven fabric, and the texture is soft and white, without any impurities, the inferior wood slurry wipes will have obvious impurities. In the use, the high quality wood slurry wet towel does not have the hair, the inferior wood slurry wet towel has the obvious starting hair, has the stimulation effect to the skin, easy let the person produces the feeling of itch.

Note the outer packing should be above producer name and address, telephone number, shelf life, active ingredients, production batch number, production date, hygiene license, the implementation of the health standard, instructions and matters needing attention, etc.

Woodpulp Wipes towel factory detail the quality of the Woodpulp Wipes: Woodpulp Wipes towel is disposable hygiene products, more for such as civil aviation, hotels, restaurants, the exhibition business and reception site, in recent years as people living standard rise, Woodpulp Wipes personal consumption gradually increased, mainly used in travel, tourism and other outdoor water is not convenient, and the cleanness of infant care family. Wipe the face and hands with disinfecting wet tissue, which is both sanitary and convenient. However, different wet cloth products have different USES.

Ordinary wet cloth: mainly used to clean skin. It is not easy to use when you go out to clean water. Low-grade products use hot rolled (or hot wind) non-woven fabrics as the base material, medium and high grade products use dust-free paper (or dry paper) or water spines non-woven fabric as the base material. Ordinary Woodpulp Wipes are general for distilled water or pure water leaching liquid ingredients, disinfectants, essence, leaching liquid medium and top grade product contains aloe vera, vitamin E, cocoa phosphatidic acid, glycerin, malic acid, such as skin care ingredients, use cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing one time.