Polyester Wipes Focus On R & D And Production

The company was founded in 2002 and planted in 2005. Polyester wipes company long-term focus on research and development and production of special fibers, the main products are high-strength polyester silk (special multi-dragon filament), polyester wipes high-strength nylon silk (nylon 6, nylon 66), ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene Special fiber.

 Products are widely used in industrial, civil weaving, ribbon, sewing thread, fishing line, geotextile, Pengge cloth, polyester wipes rubber, plastic products skeleton, curtain line, shade cloth, rope, wire, cable skeleton, sports , Labor insurance, fire medical supplies, aerospace, navigation, medical, bullet-proof products, filter cloth materials and other industries

The main production research and development of various types of non-woven products, such as various types of wipes, scarves, polyester wipes disposable bath towels, disposable wash towels and so on. The company now has the industry's leading GMP production environment and management, the total area of 3,000 square meters of clean workshop from 10,000 clean production workshop to 100 microbiology laboratory and laboratory everything, polyester wipes can be done in the most stringent quality Of the control. Polyester wipes production equipment imported from Germany, France. The company is equipped with reverse osmosis water treatment system, a number of automatic wet wipes production line, wipes production water are treated to EDI ultra-pure water, and to the medical department of water standards. Professional OEM OEM various wipes, cotton towel, and other products. The company can produce non-alcoholic, non-flavor, no fluorescent agent of high-quality wipes, product lines are: baby hand wipes, cotton wipes, bamboo fiber wipes and so on. The company has a first-class R & D team, the non-woven technology and daily chemical technology vertical integration. We face the global enthusiasm to undertake a variety of wipes products, scarves products ODM and OEM.


The company is a member of the Asia Nonwovens Association, China Industrial Textiles Association member units, and has been rated as high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, polyester wipes in the spinning group cloud bamboo fiber global spunlace non-woven demonstration plant, Shaoxing City integrity enterprises , Environment-friendly enterprises, Mianjian enterprises. Companies in the "quality first, the customer first, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, and gradually developed into a large domestic production, advanced equipment, health materials, mask fabric, wipes and medical dressings business, the company now It has two advanced cross-paving and parallel laying spunlace non-woven production lines. It specializes in producing 30-300g of raw materials such as viscose fiber, polyester fiber, cotton fiber, bamboo fiber, ultrafine fiber and chitin fiber / M2 different specifications of products, the width from 6.5cm ~ 320cm, the annual production capacity of 13,000 tons; its products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and the Middle East and other developed countries and regions. We believe that the company will be advanced management concepts, better product quality, to win all the friends of the praise and support, we will, as always, continue to forge ahead with innovation, nonwovens and nonwovens products to create more brilliant!