How To Identify Pure Cotton Towels

(1) the method of visual identification:

A, all cotton: more fluff, poor surface finish

B, polyester cotton: less fluff, better surface finish, certain luster, feel very slippery with your hands.

(2) the combustion method:

A, cotton: near flame is burning, burning paper is ambiguous, ash is few, soft black ash.

B, polyester cotton: near flame shrinkage, dripping, foaming, weak flavor, hard and light brown.

The yarn on the edge of the towel is drawn out into a circle and ignited with fire. It burns quickly, and the ash is black and gray. The lightness and no slag are pure cotton or cellulose regenerated fibers. If the combustion is not clean, there is a lump of ash, indicating that the yarn is blended with synthetic synthetic yarn.

When using the combustion method, we should pay attention to the extraction of different tissues in the towel fabric, because the yarn used in different parts of the towel can be completely different.

The following reasons can make the manufacturer claim that the towel is pure cotton, but in fact it is not pure cotton.

1. Many Pure cotton towels  are actually polyester and cotton. This kind of weft makes it easy to weave, reduce the cost, and because the polyester is not on the surface of the towel, giving people a feeling that it is not pure cotton but not very harmful, you can draw some lines in the middle part of the towel to burn, look at it.

2, some high-grade towels embroidery and satin parts, the vast majority are impossible to use pure cotton raw materials, as a result of the production process of the requirements of the strength of raw materials, and the existing problems of the existing embroidery thread. All of the high-grade cotton towels will be declared at the time of export: pure cotton (except for embroidery and satin files).

3, some cheap towel manufacturers in the foreign claim that their cotton yarn is 100% pure cotton, in fact, the yarn is not 100% pure cotton, a lot of yarn is blended with cotton and yarn, cotton must be pure cotton, the yarn is not pure cotton spinning factory is not particularly care. So some cheap cotton towels are produced, these cheap cotton towels, raw materials are cheaper, and the prices of finished products are also low.

4, rolling towel big side and sideline may not be pure cotton. This is a very detailed question, which is often not noticed by hotels and customers.

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