How To Clean The Mop

The position of mop in household cleaning is very high, especially when cleaning the floor everyday. But many people will encounter some problems of cleaning mop, such as the mop is too dirty, how to clean the mop, the mop will be stained with a lot of dirt when cleaning the floor, so it is also very important to clean the mop. Here to give you a few methods for your reference, we hope to help.

Remove the solid substance on the mop. In order to better clean the mop, it is very important to wash the solid material on the mop first. It is also very easy to clear the solid material and wash the mop with water. Therefore, when cleaning mops, it is very good to develop the habit of washing the solid materials on the mop first.

Use detergent powder. Proper use of some cleaning agents is also easier to clean the mop, you can choose to use washing powder, wash the mop with washing powder, speed more quickly, and the ability to clean is also strong. You can first dip the mop into the water with detergent so that the mop will be cleaned better.

Use detergent. If the mop is a kitchen hygienic, it is likely to be oily, so it is also easier to clean the dirty material on the mop by using detergent. You can take the right amount of detergent, then add water, then put the mop inside, so that it is easier to clean, the effect is also very good.

Choose to use hot water. If your own mop has not been cleaned for a long time, it will certainly be very dirty, so you can soak it with hot water first, so it is easier to dissolve some of the dirty material on the mop and make the mop clean and clean, which is very important.

Use soap. If the usual soap habits, then the use of soap is quite good, can also clean the mop, soap also has a strong decontamination ability, can remove the dirty material on the mop, can be better used, this is very good.

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