How To Choose The Right Wipes In A Wide Variety Of Categories

How to choose the right Wipes in a wide variety of categories
Wet Wipes manufacturers in order to expand market share, to attract more people to buy, the wet Wipes were broken down into a lot of categories, according to functional points, a disinfectant Wipes, there are pure moisturizing skin Wipes. According to the use of the crowd divided into baby Wipes and adult Wipes. Wipes manufacturers introduced so many Wipes, although the rich market, but it also allows consumers to pick in the Wipes wholesale eye.
If you need disinfection, sterilization, wet Wipes when you can choose health hygiene Wipes, this Wipes have a certain disinfection and sterilization function.
Then, talk about the need to pay attention to the selection of Wipes:
First, the brand
I recommend the selection of wet Wipes or the choice of large companies products, brand credibility higher. Because the Wipes contain moisture, if the production is not strictly controlled when the health standards, in the future when the storage is easy to breed bacteria, so the validity of the Wipes is generally only 2 years, 1 year less than the dry tissue. I think, used to wipe his mouth, rubbing the surface of things, or health point is good, so as to buy "cheap" things and lead to "disease from the mouth."
Second, the composition, fragrance
I usually use shampoo when I am shining on my face, but after the skin is dry and uncomfortable. Later, when buying Wipes I pay more attention to its composition, and hope is a little moisturizing effect. At present, often use Shu Jie. Shu Jie's Wipes added tea tree, aloe ingredients, (which aloe ingredients have moisturizing effect, tea composition is helpful to clean, have a certain antibacterial effect) is very comfortable to use, not allergic, and some Mediterranean Atmosphere, smell very comfortable.
In addition, the market there are a lot of Wipes advertised to disinfect sterilization, but note that the provisions of the state Wipes can not use the "disinfection sterilization" such words, and think about if you can "sterilization" Wipes Used to wipe his mouth, who knows, those "sterilization" ingredients into the mouth, then what will affect our body? Afraid ... ... or be careful with it. I remember last year saw several news, the Ministry of Health has ordered the sale of ABC, the heart of the health of the wet Wipes, because they are "exaggerated E. coli and so have a strong inhibitory and killing effect."
Third, the packaging specifications
Wipes have different packaging specifications, a bag which has a dozen sheets, or a single piece of independent packaging, buy time, depends on your frequency of use. The frequency of the best use of independent packaging, so that water is not easy to drain.
Fourth, packaging design
Women are always inseparable from the appearance of these attractive ah ~ feel the packaging can express a person's taste, so the packaging is also an important factor in the selection.
Wipes on the market can be divided into two categories: one is itself has been disinfected, but can not disinfect other items, which contains skin care ingredients, can only do moisturizing skin care. The other is not only their own disinfection, but also for other items can also play a disinfectant disinfectant Wipes, can be used for skin abrasions, scratches and other disinfection or sterilization. Visible, go out the best choice with sterilization function disinfection Wipes.
Wipes disinfection of the prerequisite is to choose to use disinfectant Wipes. For many of the current use of Wipes on the market, most of the ordinary Wipes or sanitary Wipes, they are in the definition of disinfectant Wipes and completely different. Therefore, we must use the correct and correct choice before use Wipes, the following let everyone learn under the professional classification of wet Wipes and how to choose to use the correct Wipes.
In the purchase also to distinguish between high quality and low quality Wipes, high quality Wipes will have a soft and elegant fragrance, without any irritating smell, and poor quality Wipes are obvious irritating smell, and need to pay attention to view the wet Wipes Product information details, there is the best wine do not buy Wipes, if it is baby Wipes, be sure to see the ingredients that baby Wipes are no alcohol, no fragrance, no stimulation, no fluorescent agent. In general, high-quality Wipes more use of non-woven fabrics, weaving spunlace non-woven fabrics for the best, soft and white texture, feel tight and thick, thin and thin Wipes thin and easy to deformation. In use, high-quality Wipes will not fluff, poor quality Wipes are obvious pilling phenomenon, the skin has a stimulating effect.