Good Way To Unexpected Cleaning Wipes: Kitchen Things

Cloth is the most common thing in our House, do chores, absolutely can not do it, wipe the chairs, cleaning the stove, range hood, refrigerator, electric appliance and so on and so on, there is always need a lot of cloth, the hardest is probably the kitchen rag to clean, right?

Because of all the deals and oil, to avoid having a very dirty very greasy. Under normal circumstances, we use detergent cleaned repeatedly, and then continue to use, but sometimes, wipes useless for a few days, it is hard to get rid of the marks.

Method of cleaning wipes:

1) throw my towel in a pot filled with water, then place the egg into, Cook opened, open the lid and cook for 6 minutes.

2) and then remove and rinse with cold water and hang dry.

Super long-winded:

** Boil a pot of cloth, about 5 shells will suffice. Usually without the egg shell, can be collected, it does not matter. In addition to cleaning wipes, you can also clean up water bottles or cups (the broken egg shell in a bottle, add a small amount of water, close the lid, keep after shaking out, rinse with water, you can clean the scale).

** Every time we finished eggs, eggshell walls, left a layer of egg white, egg white protease, could make cloth, clean white, it could play a decisive role.

** The rag, in principle, the best can do it one day and washed and replaced once a week or two weeks. But in this case, is so wasted, so, we used the chicken egg boil it, white or in addition to disinfection, and reduce waste.

** To fully dry after each wash cloth, so that it is not easy to breed bacteria. Be hung in the air and the Sun