Cleaning Wipes The Best Light Can Clearly Determine

Cloth is very simple, is used to make clean; rag is quite complex to use, if used improperly, will become a bacteria spread by media.

Specifically, the cloth should keep the proper flexibility, cleanliness, not perfect, and there should be no sticky feeling, especially should not appear obviously not clean imprinting. Suggest that people should be treated cloth cleaning, to decide whether it needs to be replaced, as far as possible a two or three months. Especially the frequent contact with utensils, cloth, but it should be within a week or so, add a little soda in boiling water to cook Cook, less than 5 minutes at a time.

After each use, to thoroughly cleaning with detergent, and rinse. Deputy Director of the China disease prevention and control infectious disease prevention and control said Lu Jinxing, cleaning rags, in addition to the Sun sterilization, can also be soaked in a microwave oven, two or three minutes of microwave disinfection with high fire. If you require higher levels of health, you can use chlorine-containing disinfectants, 250 mg per litre of water, soaking for 30 minutes or more.

Recommendations when choosing a cloth, you can also press use to select the right material. For example, except for supermarkets to sell special cleaning cloths, dish cloths can also choose traditional chalina, decontamination, and environmental protection. Rag can be used for other purposes, such as cotton, non-woven material, although now there is a disposable paper wipes is easy, but it will inevitably produce some waste.

Finally, when choosing a cloth, try to choose a light color for good. For example, some home as soft, white cloth like towels, clean and definitely no problem; some people rag because it was dark, dirt is not obvious, it is difficult to keep them clean. In addition, compared with the dark, light cloth, chemical dyes also will be reduced, especially cloth contact tableware and foods, but also to choose white.