Cleaning Wipes Product Features

1, quickly removing oil: made with soluble fiber, can come into contact with the oily substance quick absorption, but don't have to rub the surface to scrape grease and also reduce friction on the fine surface.

2, high performance micro-dust volumes: unique suction volumes when you wipe the surface, increasing the contact area, dirt and dust suction volumes quickly and efficiently and keep them hidden away, avoiding secondary pollution and damage, and without the use of detergents.

3, washing method: effect of repeated washing, keeping unchanged.

4, special flat fibers: unique flat fiber efficient suction volume of dirt and dust, circular fibers of the ordinary flat dirt rather than rolled up, it is difficult to effectively remove dirt and dust, but also

Residual hair.

5, versatility: can wipe DSL, PSP case and screen, LCD screen, computer and television monitors, cameras, lenses, precision instruments, automobiles and optical items. As a partner of many well-known brands, with its superior quality and service to ensure the employees ' occupational health and safety environment and a better future!