Cleaning Wipes Effect


1. can be promptly, thoroughly clean the surface;

2. more flexible fiber, is durable and will not scratch the surface, leaving no traces;

3. particularly suited to not use chemical cleaning agents to clean the surface;

4. can be repeated, repeated washing, keeping remain unchanged;

Rapid adsorption of oily substances, reduce the fine surface friction, unique suction volumes, large area of dirt and dust suction volumes quickly and efficiently, avoiding secondary pollution and damage the surface, without the use of detergents, suitable for all kinds of electrical surface and displays, CD, car bonnets can be washed several times, keep remain unchanged.

Cleaning cloth specifications model: 38CM*38CM,30CM*30CM,20CM*20CM, or according to customer requirements, the color can be divided into blue, light green, light yellow three. Suited to different needs of color