Choose Woodpulp Wipes Method

Choose Woodpulp Wipes method

1. Put the wood slurry wipes on the edge of the nose and gently smell it. If it is a good Woodpulp Wipes, we can smell a soft, quietly elegant flavor. It has no irritation. If it is a bag of inferior wooden slurry, we will smell a clear pungent smell when we smell it. 2. High quality wood slurry wipes women's wipe is made of high quality raw materials. We can see that there is no spinning white and no impurities. And inferior Woodpulp Wipes them raw material is very poor, we can see that it has obvious impurity, high quality Woodpulp Wipes in use process, there will be no apparent fluffiness, and inferior Woodpulp Wipes in use process has obvious fluffiness. After removing the wooden slurry towel, if the Woodpulp Wipes have become mouldy and mouldy, the Woodpulp Wipes will not be used. If you feel the irritation of the skin during the use of the Woodpulp Wipes, you should stop using it immediately, so as not to cause greater harm. 4. Carefully check the product endorsement and select the products of the regular manufacturers with detailed site, service phone, hygiene standards, enterprise standards and relevant health department filing Numbers.

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Main raw materials: usually made of soft non-woven fabric. Main ingredients: propylene glycol, phenoxy ethanol, sodium lactate, chamomile, delicate water, hydroxyl ethyl carbonate, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, PEG - 60 hydrogenated castor oil, PPG - 8 - cetyl alcohol polyether - 20, four sodium ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, chlorinated hexadecyl pyridine with soft, natural cleaning ingredients, skin care; PH 5.0, can clean skin effectively while maintaining moisture balance throughout the body. Gentle care, can be used daily, also can be used to wipe hands and face; Thick and durable towel, added soft ingredients, feel soft and soft; Through microbiological testing to ensure hygiene and safety.

From a health perspective, compared with water cleaning, using a soft wood wipes wipes is the best method. With soft wood pulp after the wet towel to wipe the skin surface to form a layer of moisturizing properties of the protective film, a very effective cleaning, is also a stimulus, while the day was cold with soft Woodpulp Wipes can be used a little heat.

The Woodpulp Wipes in the market can be divided into two kinds: one kind is to be disinfected by itself, but can not disinfect other goods, inside contains the composition of skin care, can only do skin moisturizing and maintenance. Was disinfected, another kind is not only itself but also for other items can also be used with the function of disinfection disinfection wet towels, wood pulp can be used to make skin abrasions, scratches and other disinfection or sterilization, general will indicate the disinfection or sterilization in packaging components. It is best to choose pasteurized wipes with bactericidal function.

Woodpulp Wipes product a lot of more phyletic, from packaging form different points, a small package, two pieces of small packaging, 10 independent packing, the charge for different number of bags, boxes, and canned, etc.; From the base material used, it is divided into hot rolled (or hot wind) non-woven, dust-free paper (or dry paper), water spines non-woven; It is used for general purpose, infant, commercial use and tourism purpose. Wipe the face and hands with disinfecting wet tissue, which is both sanitary and convenient. However, different wet cloth products have different USES.