Chinese Wipes Market

Chinese Wipes market
(A) concept
Infant wipes specifically for 0-3 year old children use wipes, this time the child's skin delicate and more sensitive, so the baby wipes can not add alcohol, fragrance, preservatives, fluorescent agents, ingredients and safety level To be higher than the requirements and standards of ordinary wipes.
(B) characteristics
Parenting life is very hard, especially the child's skin clean, is a cumbersome and cumbersome thing. Wipes with fast cleaning, easy to carry, one-time characteristics, the price is relatively low, for the child care life provides a lot of convenience.
(C) classification
Infant wipes can be classified according to material, use, process. According to the material can be divided into chemical fiber non-woven wipes and plant cellulose fiber non-woven wipes, the majority of infants and wipes in the market is made of chemical fiber non-woven fabrics, and the use of plant cellulose fiber non-woven raw materials Very little, the boss group's plant is pure plant non-woven wipes on behalf of; according to the use can be divided into hand-wipes, cleanser wipes, clean wipes, etc .; according to the process can be divided into the shop and cross Shop two kinds of straight shop with poor tensile strength, thinner than easy to easily deformed pilling, cross-net also known as vertical and horizontal mesh, with a basic deformation without deformation, thick cloth is not easy to penetrate.
(D) function
Baby wipes and ordinary wipes, there are two main functions, cleaning, antibacterial, bactericidal function, more than 90% of the product is used for children's skin clean, and with a disinfectant wipes is mainly used for toys , Utensils and other items exposed to disinfection of children.
(5) market size
In China, nearly 20 million babies born each year, of which 0 - 36 months of infants and young children about 50 million, for 0-6 years old infants and young children, consumer groups more than 1 billion. Visible baby wipes in China has a large target consumer groups, and the current market penetration of infant wipes only about 25%. In the next 10 to 20 years, the domestic baby wipes will show a strong development prospects, market penetration increased year by year, with reference to the development of developed countries in Europe and America, the future of China's infant wipes market penetration will exceed 50%.

Infants and young children wipes market capacity will show a gradual expansion trend, with the health care awareness, the growing use of baby groups in 2009, the market capacity of 8.6 billion in 2010 to reach 10.2 billion in 2011, the market capacity of 12.3 billion , 2012 market capacity of 14.6 billion in 2013 to 16.6 billion in 2014 to 19 billion, 2015 is expected to be more than 22.5 billion. China Infant Research Center statistics of the 50 brands of hot wipes retail price, each piece of wipes average 0.12 yuan / piece, according to the number of consumption in 2015 to statistics, 22 billion of the total consumption of 2.64 billion yuan, Therefore, the current total market capacity of our baby wipes market is about 25-30 million.

Infant wipes to obtain safer quality, must proceed from the raw materials. Chemical fiber non-woven fabric as a wet wipes material, although the price is low, but also to allow more consumers to consume, but can not achieve completely without any security risks. It is foreseeable that the future trend of infant wipes must be more emphasis on environmental protection, attention to plant raw materials, no added and so on.

With the concept of green gradually into the hearts of people, can be scattered material infants and young children wipes began to be widely concerned. It is expected that by 2018, the world can be scattered wet towel market will be blowout phenomenon, the market demand will increase significantly. However, from the current point of view, because it involves a lot of technical barriers, as well as the requirements of production equipment, most companies can not produce the current plant wipes brand and product is not much, only the state shares under the state of Science and Technology is now in this Leading the field, in line with the market trend of consumption.