Baby Wipes These Ingredients Can Not Have

Baby Wipes these ingredients can not have
  Wipes manufacturers of baby Wipes can not contain the following ingredients:
1. Flavor: Spices and alcohol are considered to be easy to produce stimulating ingredients, so the aroma of aroma should also be based on the preferences of consumers to choose, but the increase in the ingredients to increase the risk of skin allergies, so for baby products, should ensure that Natural pure as well. Therefore, many brands of wet paper towels are clearly marked "no alcohol and spices added."
2. Fluorescent agent: Fluorescent agents should also not appear in wet Wipes. If the wet towel contains fluorescent agent, it should be added in the non-woven raw material processing, which is unfavorable ingredients on the baby's skin.
3. Alcohol: the role of alcohol in wet tissue is mainly sterilization, but the alcohol is volatile, easy to wipe the skin surface moisture loss, feeling tight and dry, resulting in skin discomfort, so not suitable for the baby.
4. Preservatives: The purpose of preservatives is to protect the product from microbial contamination and to extend the shelf life and service life of the product. However, improper use of preservatives can cause allergic dermatitis. In addition to spices, preservatives are the second most common cause of skin irritation and skin irritation.
5. Not fully sterilized water: baby Wipes is the main component of water, the water must be treated pure water, or bacteria in the water but will spread in Shandong Wipes on the baby's skin and health adverse The Baby skin is more sensitive to the time of purchase should watch the above several components, if you can not buy to avoid harming the baby's skin.
   Ingredients: baby skin is very tender, if the use of Wipes add alcohol, fragrance, preservatives and other chemicals, easy to stimulate the baby's skin, serious can cause allergies Baby is hard to accept. So try to choose without alcohol, flavor, preservatives and other Wipes. 2. Note that the seal: we choose wet paper towel when we must look at its packaging seal. Because the packaging seal is good, then keep the Wipes sterilization effect of the effectiveness of high. The packaging of the bagged Wipes shall be sealed and shall not be damaged; the packaging and the Wipes of the cans shall be complete and shall not be damaged. Novice parents in the access to Wipes, to immediately paste a good seal to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, resulting in dry Wipes affect the use of its effect. 3. Choose the brand of Wipes: baby Wipes as much as possible to choose the brand, so the quality of wet Wipes are guaranteed, the use of materials are tested qualified, especially for infants to use. Such as Wipes than with the water, the brand of Wipes will use clean pure water, has been sterilized, and miscellaneous brand in order to reduce costs, water quality is hard to say. 4. Note the feel and smell: wet tissue there are many different types and brands. Different wet Wipes are very different in terms of feel and smell. Some Wipes are very dense, some very soft, and some smell aromatic, some basic no smell. I suggest that the mother is best to buy a relatively soft and thick feel, no fragrance wet Wipes. If the baby Wipes are softer, the child is more comfortable.
Wipes factory introduction baby Wipes classification: baby Wipes there are three, baby hygiene Wipes with sterilization effect, especially suitable for hand cleaning. Baby soft Wipes no bactericidal effect, can be used for ordinary cleaning wipe, the most widely used. Hand Wipes all use of food raw materials, dedicated to the mouth of the clean, no disinfection effect baby latex Wipes better than ordinary baby soft Wipes, especially for the hands and face moisturizing clean.