Baby Wipes Add These Ingredients To Be Careful

Baby Wipes add these ingredients to be careful
 Wipes manufacturers a wide range of products, the quality of the baby Wipes assured, parents and friends if these ingredients, then the purchase must be cautious: 1. Alcohol: alcohol in the role of wet tissue is sterilization, but alcohol has a volatile Sex, easy to wipe the surface of the skin after the loss of moisture, feeling tight and dry, resulting in skin discomfort, so not suitable for the baby. 2. Flavor: Spices and alcohol are considered to be easy to produce stimulating ingredients, so the aroma should also be based on the preferences of consumers to choose, but the increase in the composition of the spice to increase the risk of skin allergies, so for baby products, Natural pure as well. Therefore, many brands of wet paper towels are clearly marked "no alcohol and spices added." 3. Preservatives: The purpose of preservatives is to protect the product from microbial contamination and to extend the shelf life and service life of the product. However, improper use of preservatives can cause allergic dermatitis. In addition to spices, preservatives are the second most common cause of skin irritation and skin irritation. 4. Fluorescent agents: Fluorescent agents should also not appear in wet Wipes. If the wet towel contains fluorescent agent, it should be added in the non-woven raw material processing, which is unfavorable ingredients on the baby's skin. 5. Not fully sterilized water: baby Wipes is the main component of water, the water must be treated pure water, or bacteria in the water but will spread in the wet towel on the baby's skin and health disadvantage.
   Wet Wipes manufacturers to introduce the role of clean Wipes: all kinds of packaging are, a piece of equipment, two loaded, 10 independent or 10 loaded small package, easy to carry, out of the door is not easy to clean water, clean with , At any time with at any time, very convenient. Commercial for a package, the use of a package per person, that is, with the disposable. According to the use of the substrate and the liquid content of the different, the product has high, medium and low-grade points, the price is also very different, low-grade products using hot-rolled (or hot air) non-woven as a substrate, The product uses clean paper (or dry paper) or spunlace nonwoven fabric as the substrate. Ordinary Wipes soaked liquid components are generally distilled water or pure water, disinfectant, fragrance, with skin care, skin care, medium and high-grade products soaked liquid also contains aloe vera gel, vitamin E, cocoa phosphatidic acid, glycerol, malic acid Skin care ingredients, the use of clean, moisturizing, moisture once completed. The shelf life of the product is generally 6 months to 3 years.
  Wipes factory to tell you to buy baby Wipes products depends on ingredients: ingredients determine the quality of the baby Wipes good or bad. In order to achieve the product needs to moisturize, moisture, sterilization and other effects, the brand Wipes to add the ingredients are different, some poor quality baby Wipes ingredients will hurt the baby, so parents should pay attention to the selection of products on the label Add ingredients, if the label is fuzzy or ingredients are not suitable, do not buy. In addition, you can also pay attention to some baby Wipes evaluation and evaluation of friends, from the information on the baby Wipes.
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           Wipes by raw materials are divided into two: one is wet strong paper, one is non-woven, and now most of the Wipes are non-woven, and then subdivided, raw materials, non-woven sponge; From the raw materials to the classification, which can be divided into two kinds of polyester and cotton, polyester feel hard and slippery, cotton feel soft; wet Wipes from the process to classification, can be divided into cross and along the network, Cross-paved the way to more uniform, Wipes from the user population to points, can be divided into adult Wipes and baby Wipes, baby Wipes require a higher, can not add alcohol, flavor, irritation, fluorescent agent.
            And then add that the Wipes inside the liquid can not say that all the syrup, but RO pure water + disinfectant. Disinfectant content to the scientific ratio, before meals or after the meal or no water and soap to clean the hands of the case, the face of the case, the Wipes or a better choice.