Baby Use Cotton Towel To Pay Attention To What

Baby use Cotton Towel to pay attention to what
A lot of hemp in the life of the baby is very focused on health, so like to use the baby Cotton Towel , and abandoned the traditional towel. In fact, the baby to use baby Cotton Towel  benefits or there are many, but he must pay attention not to overuse, otherwise it will damage the baby's skin.
Baby Cotton Towel  features and materials
1, function
Baby Cotton Towel  according to the function of different types can be divided into sterile Cotton Towel  and hand Cotton Towel  Cotton Towel , with disinfection, antibacterial function, different brands of Cotton Towel  price is not the same, the baby is not the same comfort, according to the actual use Situation to buy.
2, material
The cost of Cotton Towel s, the price depends mainly on non-woven fabrics. Baby Cotton Towel  is generally used spunlace non-woven, split shop and cross-shop two. Straight shop of the poor pull resistance, thinner than easily easy to deformation, fluff, causing the baby discomfort. Cross-laying also known as vertical and horizontal mesh, with a basic deformation without deformation, thick cloth is not easy to penetrate.
How does baby Cotton Towel  use?
Give the baby to try a new brand before you can buy a single piece of equipment or participate in activities to receive a trial to the baby trial. First try on your own back. There is a clear sense of alcohol excitement, no need to choose.
What should you pay attention to when you use Cotton Towel s for your baby?
1. baby Cotton Towel s do not dissolve in water, do not discard in the toilet, so as to avoid clogging.
2. If the skin has a wound or redness, swelling, pain, itching and other symptoms, please stop using, and timely consultation to the doctor.
3. Place the baby in the hands of the place, so as not to eat the baby.
4. Please do not put the high temperature and the sun can be irradiated to the place, after use, please be sure to close the seal.
5. Please use the open seal stickers, please do not use the stickers to keep soft Cotton Towel s moist.
6. Winter use of baby Cotton Towel  It is recommended to put the Cotton Towel  on the heater or next to heat and then use.
7. To keep the baby Cotton Towel  moist, according to the actual use of the choice of different types of Cotton Towel s.
How to buy baby Cotton Towel ?
Note that the packaging should be above the factory name, site, telephone, shelf life, active ingredients, production lot number, production date, health permit number, the implementation of health standards, instructions and precautions and so on.
Note that Cotton Towel s of different uses have their own shelf life.
Safe and non-irritating, good soft Cotton Towel  or hand towel, generally have "through the oral mucosa without stimulation experiment" logo, my mother to see such a logo can be assured use.
Sealing, Cotton Towel  seal is also very important, so the Cotton Towel  packaging design is particularly important, it is best to have two layers of sealing, there is a plastic buckle is the best, so you can prevent moisture Evaporation and the invasion of bacteria outside the body, the baby to use more health and peace of mind.
Product texture, my mother in the choice of Cotton Towel  when the special attention to the texture of the product, after use will not fluffy Cotton Towel  quality is better, and the material is better flexibility, ductility of Cotton Towel  is one of the good standards.