Baby Rayon Wipes Seven Misunderstandings, Do You Know?

Baby Rayon Wipes seven misunderstandings, do you know?
Baby mother all know that baby Rayon Wipes is very easy to use, convenient, clean, easy, but you use the baby Rayon Wipes really right, the following seven baby Rayon Wipes use errors, do you know? For the sake of the baby's health, follow the Henan Rayon Wipes manufacturers to see it.
Misunderstanding 1: Wipe eyes and ears with Rayon Wipes
Eyes and ears of the place, more mucosa, more sensitive. If you use Rayon Wipes to clean the dirt here, not only can not handle clean, but easy to aggravate bacterial infection. So Bao mother who, or honest and practical health cotton swab (note not a cotton swab, disinfection level different) little by little clean it!
Misunderstanding 2: big = security
Xiao Bian to give mothers who pour cold water, do not use the big to comfort the heart. When you buy baby Rayon Wipes, pay attention to the product composition on the packaging bag, can not contain alcohol, fluorescent agent, bleach powder, chemical fragrance, pigment these non-safety things. Also reminded, the content of the product table is as simple as possible.
Misunderstanding 3: pick the material soft like
Rayon Wipes feels as if they are soft, but they are not necessarily made of natural material, man-made fiber is also possible to achieve this effect. Rayon Wipes on the surface of the material is uneven, the most suitable for the baby delicate skin is: natural cotton non-woven fabrics and woven fabrics.
Natural cotton non-woven fabrics: cotton texture, do not add chemical fiber, can not afford to puff, flexible and thick.
Woven fabric: contains more natural wood pulp, soft and thick, feel good.
The second is the bamboo fiber non-woven fabrics, although with a natural antibacterial effect, but the softness is not good enough.
Finally, the blacklist is included in the ordinary polyester non-woven fabrics, low cost, may contain chemical fiber, easy to stimulate the skin.
Misunderstanding 4: light fragrance, very good smell
Any fragrant baby Rayon Wipes will contain different amounts of chemical fragrance, which will directly stimulate the baby's skin. It is recommended that the mothers who choose no fragrant Rayon Wipes, it is best to contain medical grade EDI pure water ingredients, pure and fragrant, safe and gentle, to the baby to create a skin protective barrier.
Misunderstanding 5: a Rayon Wipes repeated use
A Rayon Wipes wipes his mouth and wipes his hand and wipes the toy, although it sounds "energy saving", but it does not see the bacteria cross-contamination that the naked eye can not see. This potential hazard is like a time bomb, if the baby kept diarrhea, skin swelling, you will probably be aware of the seriousness of the problem.
Misunderstanding 6: After the seal is not bonded
Rayon Wipes bag if not sealed, it can not play a bacteriostatic effect. So do not care about the mother, it is necessary to buy those sealing very tight product, but also in use, the timely bonding of open parts, to avoid unnecessary bacterial infection.
Misunderstanding 7: rub Rayon Wipes, do not wash your hands
Rub Rayon Wipes and wash your hands are two different degrees of cleaning, mothers do not want to lazy for their own excuse. In the outdoors, Rayon Wipes can be used in a hurry. In the place where you can easily wash your hands, do not always ask Rayon Wipes to touch the hand, do not use clean water thoroughly clean baby hands, bacteria can easily come back.
I hope the mother who saw this article, in order to baby's health, we give the baby to use the baby Rayon Wipes time to pay more attention.