The wet Wipes has the characteristics of quick cleaning

The wet Wipes has the characteristics of quick cleaning

In the next 10 years, China will have an average of 180-20 million new births per year, and will form a huge consumer group of over 100 million people between the ages of 0 and 6. 80/90 parents at the same time, the education level of overall ascension, become the social consensus of eugenic and superior nurture, and with the advancement of urbanization, the investment of parents in children also increase year by year. China maternal and infant consumer market has formed such atmosphere, give the child to select, do my utmost to buy better quality products, of course, also must be absolutely safe products.

Maternal and infant consumer market involves food, clothing, shelter, transportation, use, protection, playing, learning all aspects, such as thousands of subdivision category, the category have sufficient independence, and has absolute fusion, is one can not to "industry department" the operation of the industry. It is in this context, China: children's industry is considered to be the most current investment prospects sunrise industry, even a very niche sketch class, also contain the huge opportunity, like this reported research of baby wipes.

(1) concept

Baby wipes for 0-3 years old children use wipes, this time the child's skin delicate, more sensitive, so baby wipes can not add alcohol, essence, preservative, fluorescent agent, such as composition and security level higher than normal wet Wipes requirements and standards.

(2) characteristics

Parenting life is very hard, especially the children's skin cleanness, is a troublesome and cumbersome matter. The wet Wipes has the characteristics of quick cleaning, easy to carry, one-time and so on, and the price is relatively low, which provides many conveniences for the life of the child.

(3) classification

Baby wipes can be classified according to material, purpose and process. According to the material can be divided into chemical fiber non-woven wipes and plant cellulose fiber non-woven wipes, most of the baby wipes on market is based on chemical fiber non-woven material, and use of plant cellulose fiber non-woven raw material is very little, boss group's small home is a pure plant graft non-woven wipes the representative; It can be divided into hand - mouth wipes, wet wipes and wet wipes. According to the process can be divided into straight shop and spread nets two cross, straight shop tensile sex is poorer, thinner than napping through easy to deformation, cross web also called net, basic deformation tensile property, fabric thick not easy penetration.

(iv) function

Baby wipes and ordinary wipes, mainly has two big functions, clean, antibacterial, sterilization function, more than 90% of the product is used for the child's skin is clean, and with the function of disinfection wet tissue is mainly used for children's access to items such as toys and tableware disinfection.

(v) market size

In China, nearly 20 million babies are born every year, with about 50 million infants between 0 and 36 months of age, and the number of children aged 0-6 is over 100 million. There is a large target consumption group in our country, and the market penetration rate for baby wipes is only about 25%. In the next 10 to 20 years, the domestic infant with a wet Wipes to show strong prospects for development, market penetration increase year by year, refer to the European and American developed countries, the development level of future baby wipes market penetration in China will be more than 50%.

Baby wipes market capacity will gradually expand the trend, with the health care consciousness enhancement, baby group to the rising number of applications, market capacity of 8.6 billion pieces, 2009, 2010, 10.2 billion, 2011 market capacity up to 12.3 billion, 2012 market capacity is 14.6 billion, 2013 in 16.6 billion, 2014 in 19 billion, in 2015 is expected to more than 22.5 billion pieces. Infant child study center of China counted 50 best-selling brand wipes the retail price, every piece of wet Wipes with an average of 0.12 yuan/piece, according to the consumption quantity of 2015 statistics, 22 billion of the total consumption is 2.64 billion yuan, therefore, at present, the market of baby wipes the total capacity of about 25 to 3 billion.

Baby wipes have a safer quality and must start with raw materials. The chemical fiber non-woven fabric as the wet Wipes material, although the price is low, also allows more consumer to consume, but cannot realize completely does not contain any security hidden danger component. It can be predicted that the future trend of baby wipes must be more environmental protection, plant raw materials, no addition.

As the concept of green environmental protection has become more and more popular, the young and baby wipes can be widely followed. It is expected that in 2018, there will be a spurt in the market of the wet Wipes around the world, and the market demand will increase substantially. But for the moment, because involves many technical barriers, as well as to the requirements of production equipment, most of the enterprise can't production, the current plant wet Wipes brand and product is not much, only the bond tianyi science and technology under the state shares has lead in this field, in line with the market consumption trend.

Almost everyone agrees that, to do Chinese baby wipes market, at any time should be put first the quality, only the pursuit to high quality, attaches great importance to the brand image, consumer word of mouth and service brand, is able to get market trust.