Industrial rag cleaning industry trends

I specialized in producing industrial rags, just saw a piece of news on the Web, for all to share.
, Civil and socio-economic development and people's living standards have a direct contact. With the rapid development of the national economy and the improvement of people's quality of life, civil and civil industries is increasingly active, and show the following trends:
(1) household cleaning market, professional
With the accelerating pace of life. Typical household cleaning activities such as laundry, wash. Wash our faces. Wash your feet. May not be at home to clean in the future. But to professional bodies to complete some washed floors (carpet), kitchen. Bathroom. Glass, household cleaning and cleaning activities. Professional cleaning company to do more, and this proportion is growing.
(2) the Government will gradually standardize professional cleaning Agency and cleaning activities
At present. Cleaning agencies is increasing. Some professional, some are also used for other businesses. In addition to individual categories. Such as dry cleaning, but most are still in the early stages of development. There is an industry standard, management confusion, prone to disputes and social issues. Overall quality of employees is lower. Lack of training and expertise, can only be engaged in some low-level manual work. Require industry and Government departments as soon as possible, practical specifications and management approach. Cleaning services enable a sustained and healthy development of the industry.
(3) personal safety concerns
Many cleaning activities are closely related to everyone's diet and health. Whether it be at home or a restaurant and collective canteens. Washing dishes. Washing may be extensive use of detergent. Generally difficult to rinse after using. Easy residual
News from the above we can see our industrial cloth is widely used.