Household cleaning wipes the proper methods and tips

General people is not special focused on rag of cleaning of's, yes small series in yiqian of when is not like to cleaning rag of, yiqian of idea is anyway wash also wash not clean, on didn't how special of to note he, cleaning company of experts to I said this is a errors of thinking mode, we if not put rag cleaning clean words, on will makes bacteria left in we of rag Shang, we in with rag of when on will stick to other place.
So today we will share some good tips of cleaning rags.
Raw egg shells to cleaning cloth
Step is the right way: raw egg-shell and water rag, cooked, Cook for five minutes after the opening, then clean would be nice. The easiest and fastest way is to use a special detergent and then wash well with water.
Method is simple, but not many people do it is, small hope that we can live healthy.
Cleaning tips: household tap using long black oxide and dull, it is recommended that a dry cloth dampened with plain flour to clean the faucet, after wipe using a damp cloth, and then wipe again with a dry cloth, repeated several times, black tap to restore light and does not damage the metal surface, wipe with cigarette ash can achieve very good results.
You can also use vinegar or ammonia to clean the faucet, you can remove top grease and dirt, salt and water solution can also be used to clean. Such as using toothpaste on a dry cloth when cleaning faucets repeatedly wiping with a dry cloth, you can achieve your desired results, domestic workers in the cleaning process has been completed, on the faucet spray is the best way a table Board wax, wipe clean with a scouring pad, and its luster will be longer.