Amazing antibacterial nonwovens!

With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of health consciousness, especially in recent years, various types of epidemic raged, rapid increase in market demand for antibacterial nonwovens, the antibacterial properties of nonwovens materials also put forward higher requirements, the development of good antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of nonwovens have become non-woven one of the hot topics in the field.
Antibacterial fiber by the rise of the field of industrial textiles is the use of physical or chemical method has the ability to inhibit bacterial growth substances into surface and internal antimicrobial agents not only to easy to fall off on the fiber, but also through the proliferation of fibrous internal balance, the antibacterial effect of keeping for a long time. Nonwoven fabrics with its unique natural antimicrobial function access to the industry's attention.
Woven fabric made of pure Chitosan fiber processing, and its inhibitory mechanism is complex, different organisms have different modes of action, basic mechanism is as follows:
First, the Chitosan antimicrobial the effective group is-NH3+, with a positive charge, with a negative charge on the surface of bacteria, due to the neutralization reaction between the positive and negative charges, damages the integrity of bacterial cell walls, changing the microbial cell membrane fluidity and permeability, so that bacteria cannot grow until bacterial death, plays a bacteriostatic effect.
Second, Chitosan is soluble in weak acid (including sweat), the formation of cationic polymer flocculant, dense on the bacterial cell surface, forming a layer of dense polymer membranes, cutting off transport of nutrients to the cells, preventing excretion of metabolites, leading to bacterial metabolic disorders, plays a bacteriostatic effect.
Third, when the Chitosan concentration is high enough, that activate the bacterial chitinase activity in itself, prompting expression of chitinase was excessive, which damage bacterial cell walls, plays a bacteriostatic effect.
The four pure Chitosan fiber selective Chelation of metal ions on microbial growth played a key role, so as to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, antimicrobial effect.
Chitosan's advantage is its antimicrobial, antibacterial, but without sterilization. There are many micro-organisms on the skin of the human body. The permanent transition flora, flora and harmful bacteria together constitute the human microbial ecology balance, if you kill these microbes from destroying the balance of microorganisms, is harmful to human skin. Effect of Chitosan is antimicrobial and antibacterial, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria.